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Driving Instructors in Wickford

Below is a list of our driving instructors providing driving lessons in and around Wickford. Simply click on their profile images to learn more and contact them directly.

Learning to Drive in Wickford

Supreme School of Motoring, based in Essex has been delivering high quality and affordable driving lessons around Wickford since 1974, covering Test Centres across the county such as Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood, Clacton & Basildon to name a few. The team has helped countless students achieve their Full UK driving licence quickly and safely.

Supreme are proud to have an above average pass rate and the highest review rating of any Driving School in the UK on Google.  Supreme School of Motoring offer a wide range of options for you to learn to drive in Wickford and surrounding areas.

Examples include weekly driving lessons, semi or fully intensive driving courses. Supreme offer refresher driving lessons and even FREE School sessions at supported Colleges over Essex including Beauchamps. We can even help with Theory Tests as well as Practical Driving Tests.

Supreme’s instructors are highly trained and skilled at helping their students pass their driving test to become safe drivers for life. Instructors are screened with an Enhanced DBS check (Disclosure & Barring Service), and licensed with the DVSA. Only the highest calibre of driving instructor are permitted to teach under the Supreme School of Motoring banner. All of our friendly, outgoing instructors endeavour to give you the best value for money to ensure productive and affordable driving lessons. Contact Supreme School of Motoring today, we can get you on the road for less time and money than you might think.

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View a list of our driving instructors providing driving lessons in Wickford. Simply click on their profile images to learn more and contact them directly.

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What We Offer

Supreme School of Motoring has been established as one of the longest running Driving Schools in Essex and we are the first choice of Driving School for students around Wickford. We understand that sometimes making the right choice in life can be difficult. However, picking the right Driving School couldn’t be easier. With years of experience, highly skilled and enthusiast Driving Instructors, impressive reviews and ratings there really is only one choice.

Safe, Considerate Drivers are the Future to Road Safety

Supreme appreciates that our roads are getting busier and busier. Essex is a busy, rural County and there’s a high desire for commuting to local areas such as Chelmsford or Colchester and with the M25 even London is a quick drive away. Our driving lessons in Wickford will provide the practice of safe, considerate driving from the first lesson until your Practical Test.  Through client centred learning and discussions with your driving instructor you will be in control to ensure lessons always suit your learning style.

Sometimes, anxiety can be an issue when learning to drive for some students. After all, it is a totally new skill to develop and underlines the importance of skilled, experienced and patient instructors to guide your path. It is quite common to feel fear and anxiety when first starting off. Our instructors offer a detailed and structured approach that will turn any nervous driver into a capable, safe and responsible driver that anyone can be proud to share the road with.

Our Fleet

Supreme has a variety of vehicles for our students. There is a wide choice of manual cars available in a range of sizes and models.  We also have cars for automatic driving lessons too.

If you’re unsure which instructor to choose, why not have a browse of our instructors by clicking on an instructor or contact us

I’m only 16. Can I do anything yet?

Absolutely! There are a few great things to kick start your journey as a learner driver. Firstly you can apply for your Provisional Driving Licence when you are 15 years and 9 months old. Once you have your licence you can then study for and book your Theory test. It can be booked 3 months before your 17th birthday.

Once your are 17 years old and have your provisional licence you can start to learn to drive. You can drive a car when you are 16 if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment ( PIP ).

Did you also know that Supreme supports local Schools and Colleges by offering free in-School Driving courses for under 17’s? Whats more, we give you a free driving introductory lesson* for students attending the Schools or Colleges listed. Click here to find more information.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

What Driving Lessons are on Offer in Wickford?

We offer several different options for our students to ensure they have the right choice for their needs. All of our driving lesson options are fully structured with multiple diagrams, demonstrations, opportunities for constructive discussion and plenty of time for practise. Our lessons are tailored to fit every students learning style and individual needs. Your driving lesson is mutually arranged with your instructor so that you are picked up at a suitable time and place that ensures maximum convenience.

Weekly Driving Lessons in Wickford

The most common option is to have one or two driving lessons week to week. These can be easily fitted around your current schedule and commitments and has less financial strain compared to other options. If students are looking for a lot of hours over the space of a week then this may not be the most cost effective or desirable option.

Semi Intensive Driving Lessons in Wickford

For a quicker approach, why not try our semi intensive lessons which are two hour sessions three times a week, allowing you to gain your licence quickly and stress free. You should have booked or passed your theory test so that you can book your practical test at the start of your course. On your first driving lesson your instructor will give you a structured lesson guide so you can monitor your progress.

Intensive Driving Course in Wickford

An intensive driving course consists of a number of hours in a shorter space of time, followed by a test at the end. Students would have already passed their Theory test prior to taking an Intensive Driving Course. The number of hours needed for an Intensive varies on the students previous experience and needs. An assessment drive would be carried out for students with previous experience. This is in order to ascertain how many hours would be needed to get students ready to pass their Practical Driving test. This is ideal for students who are looking to gain their Full UK Driving Licence quickly and if they have free time to use up.

HGV and Trailer Courses in Wickford

Whatever the reason is that you need an LGV licence, we are here to help make the process as smooth and as easy as possible. Whether you are planning to drive a horse-box for your own use or whether you are looking to start a new career in haulage, we have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to give you the best possible head start.

Whether you are wanting to tow a trailer for work or pleasure purposes, you may need to take the trailer towing test. At Supreme Driver Training we specialise in providing high quality, up-to-date training to help you pass the test quickly. More importantly we aim to help you become a safe and confident driver when towing.

Our courses cover all aspects of trailer towing including; relevant towing law, hitching and unhitching, loading and unloading, stability, reversing and safe handling of trailers. We have various training options available to suit all budgets and training requirements so whatever your level of experience you can rest assured we will tailor our training to help you the best we can.

How Long is a Driving Lesson?

The length of a driving lesson can vary dependent on a few factors. These can include location, distance from practice areas such as test centre routes and suitable areas for the days lessons. A typical lesson is usually two hours but can be anything from one hour or up to four hours for those who live far out. It can be discussed with your instructor in order to work out the best course of action to ensure the best value for money.

Theory Tests around Wickford

You can book your Theory Test from the date your Provisional Driving Licence becomes active. So if you’ve applied for one on your 17th birthday, then you can have your test the same day. In fact, this is quite a common choice for enthusiastic learners. There are some fantastic options out there for Learner drivers to study the Theory test including apps, DVD’s and books. If you’re still struggling then one of our knowledgable Driving Instructors can help you with any aspect you may be struggling with.

The Theory test consists of two parts; the multiple choice questions that will test you on several factors. This includes your road and driving knowledge as well as safety and first aid training in regards to road users. The second part is the hazard perception videos that test your observational and anticipation skills.

the address for the theory test centre in Basildon is;
1st Floor, Southgate House, Town Square, Basildon, SS14 1BN

and the address for the theory test centre in Chelmsford is;

51 New London Road, Chelmsford CM2 0ND

Practical Driving Tests around Wickford

The Practical Driving Test is the final step to gaining your Full UK Driving Licence. This cannot be taken until you have passed your Theory Test. With a variety of Test Centres around the County including Basildon, Chelmsford, Colchester, Brentwood & Clacton the difference of potential traffic encounters and road layouts will alter drastically.

About the driving test

The Practical Driving Test can last around 40 minutes taking in various road and traffic conditions. You will be asked to follow instructions from a driving examiner around areas that you will be familiar with. During the test you will be asked to carry out one reversing manoeuvre and possibly an emergency controlled stop. There will also be a 20 minute independent drive where you could be following directions from a Sat-Nav or following road signs. You will also have a quick eyesight check and will also be asked one of each “Show Me” and “Tell Me” question.

Be prepared

Everything in your test will be things that you will learn from our experienced Driving Instructors. You will be well prepared with confidence, knowledge and the right driving attitude of defensive driving with safety and consideration toward others.

Supreme School of Motoring have a unique mock test setup that better prepares you for the Practical Driving Test. You will have the advantage of knowing what its like to have a different person in the car with you. Some learner drivers can become quite comfortable with their instructor and anxiety can build with a new person sat beside them.

Getting you through your Driving Test First-Time

Did you know that its more common to pass first-time than you may think? With a student-centred approach we will ensure that your are always in control and we will adapt to suit your learning style.  Which is turn means that the Driving Instructor’s at Supreme can provide you with the tools and knowledge to confidently sail through your practical driving test first-time.

Post Test Training in Wickford

Once you’ve passed your Practical Driving test, you are now a fully qualified driver. Your learning experience doesn’t end there. The real test starts when you drive on your own and rely on your own knowledge and instincts. Our fully qualified driving instructors will give you the best tools to take with you on your driving career yet we can still help you further – we like to think of ourselves as your Driving Instructor for life and will always be here to help you build your skills.

Maybe you had lessons in Summer and never got a chance to drive at night or in the snow?  You may be apprehensive driving on Motorways and we can offer you help and guidance to build your confidence. We specialise in many aspects of driving and can certainly help you improve your driving technique or style to help in adverse or new conditions. Contact us to discuss this further.

Refresher Courses around Wickford

Sometimes drivers can go for an extended absence away from the wheel. Maybe something has happened on the road that has shaken your nerves resulting in a lack of confidence.  Supreme offers tailored courses or lessons designed around individual needs. This will help drivers build upon what they already know and help regain the self-dependence they once had. Contact us to gain more information.


FAQ's for Driving Lessons in Wickford

What else can I do to help me pass my driving test?

By taking on board the feedback given to you by your driving instructor will be the best way to ensure you increase the likelihood of passing your driving test. Where necessary, make note of this feedback after each lesson so you can reflect on it. Then prior to your next lesson you can be better prepared. You can look at additional driving materials to enhance your learning of which your driving instructor can advise

What do they teach you on a driving lesson?

Your driving lessons are designed to teach you how to drive safely and correctly within the laws of the UK. Having a good understanding of how to deal with various junctions, situations and road networks. Various manoeuvres are also taught so they can be completed to the correct standard, including good observation, good accuracy and good control throughout. A lesson plan is followed to ensure all areas are covered

Can I have lessons in my own car?

Yes you can, If you haven’t driven before we suggest the first lesson will be in an instructors car,  so that your instructor can assess your ability. The instructor will then help you decide when you’re safe to drive your own car in the lessons.

Remember though, our tuition cars are fitted with dual controls – providing safety and peace of mind if you’re having an off day.

Can I learn to drive in an automatic car?

Yes, you can learn to drive in an automatic car. It is generally quicker and easier to learn than a manual, but once you’ve passed your test you can only drive automatic cars. Also, pricing supplements apply to lessons in an automatic car, due to limited availability of these cars and instructors.

What happens if I don't get on with my instructor?

All of our instructors are qualified to the the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) standard, and adhere to a strict Supreme code of conduct. But it’s important that you get on with your instructor, so if you would like to change we can arrange for you to change to one that suits your personality better.

How many lessons will it take for me to pass my driving test?

Just as with learning any new skill, each pupil is different and learns at their own pace. Supreme instructors will strive to get you pass-ready as efficiently as possible. But above all else, it’s about putting the person first and delivering a great quality learning experience tailored to your needs.

How many lessons will it take before I start doing manoeuvres?

Our instructors are client centred and listen teach the way you learn best. This means together you can decide when introduce new skills and manoeuvres at the most suitable and comfortable pace for your own needs.

Some pupils will want to learn new manoeuvres as soon as possible while others like to practice them when the opportunity presents itself. For example, finding somewhere to park at the end of the lesson, or turning into a cul-de-sac.

Can I be picked up and dropped off in different areas?

You can, but it depends on the time it takes the instructor to get to their next lesson. As long as both the pickup and drop off addresses are within your instructor’s area, they’ll usually be happy to make flexible arrangements.

You can discuss things like this with your instructor after you’ve had your first lesson.

Can I have evening and weekend lessons?

Yes. Most of our instructors offer lessons in the evening and at weekends, although these are popular times and do get booked up in advance.

Does Supreme offer condensed courses if I want to pass more quickly?

We can offer condensed intensive driving courses depending on your own availability. They would normally be 6 to 8 hours per week over a number of weeks. Our instructors work with you to create tailored courses that suit you best.

Where can I find supreme on social media?

You can get all of our latest updates, get exclusive offers and chat with our team by visiting our Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and YouTube pages.

What is the procedure to become a driving instructor?

To become a driving instructor you must be 21 years or above. You must have held a full driving licence for 3 years or more and have no more than six penalty points to be able to register. You must have a criminal record check completed and be a fit and proper person to be able to be added to the driving instructor register. To qualify you must pass three tests. Part one = Theory and Hazard perception. Part Two = Driving test. Part Three = Instructional Ability Test