Choosing a Driving Instructor

The first question we are generally asked is “How much do you charge per hour?” Although this is a consideration, it’s not the most important question because it doesn’t tell you how much you will need in total to spend on gaining your licence.
The cost per hour for driving lessons will vary from one driving school to another, but ultimately you want value for money! Paying less per hour will not work out cheaper if you end up needing many more hours! Paying £20 per hour and taking 60 hours and three tests will be a lot more expensive than paying £30 per hour and passing first time having had 30 hours!

As the customer you are looking to get value for money, so when enquiring about your first lesson get off to a good start by asking the right questions:


Can I have a syllabus of what I need to cover and structure my lessons?

This is a very important question as you need to know where you are in your learning stage, so you can monitor your progress and track how many lessons you will need. With the help and guidance of your instructor, you can decide what you would like to achieve on each lesson.


What grade will my instructor be?

The DVSA are working on improving the standard of approved driving instructors ( ADIs ) throughout the UK and have introduced a grading system. Each driving instructor is monitored during a driving lesson by the DVSA. At the end of the lesson the instructor is Graded are either A or B … 26% of Instructors in the U.K. are grade A with the remainder being a grade B.


How long has my instructor been teaching for?

The more experienced the instructor is, the more knowledge they will be able to pass on to you.


Will I be having mock tests with a different instructor?

Being nervous on your test day is the most common reason for a test fail.
The best way your instructor can prepare you and help you stay calm and relaxed during your test is by giving you mock tests with another instructor. This will help you can get used to sitting with someone you don’t know, while having your driving assessed.


Can I have a parent/friend sit in on one of my lessons?

This will help your parent/friend if they are taking you out for practice lessons.  A good Instructor will always allow this, so if they don’t, ask yourself why?


The best way for you to learn to drive is to have regular planned lessons with a qualified driving instructor and if possible take private practice with a family member or friend. The time it takes to pass the driving test will vary considerably from person to person.
The average number of lessons required to pass the driving test is around 44 hours of professional instruction accompanied by 22 hours of private practice (as quoted by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency).