Driving Lessons

Courses and Prices

Using our experience, together with the latest coaching methods, structured lessons and unique ‘mock’ tests, we achieve a first time pass rate higher than the national average, which means you save time and money in achieving your goal.

We work hard to keep our prices competitive and they vary from region to region. Our instructor’s will offer their best price for you depending on any offers they are giving at the time.
Please contact your local instructor for up to date prices and more information.

*Block bookings must be paid in advance.

We deliver driving courses to suit all, your Supreme instructor will assess your needs and recommend what is best for you.


Week to Week Lessons

The most common way of learning to drive is to have a lesson every week, as it doesn’t impact on your time too much and is easier to finance.  On your first lesson your instructor will give you a structured lesson guide so that you can monitor your progress. Although you can have one hour at a time, most students have two hour lessons as it generally takes three separate one hour lessons to learn the same amount as in a two hour lesson.  One and a half hour lessons are also popular, depending on location.


Semi-Intensive Course

These lessons are two hour sessions three times a week, allowing you to gain your licence quickly and stress free. You should have booked or passed your theory test so that you can book your practical test at the start of your course.  On your first lesson your instructor will give you a structured lesson guide so you can monitor your progress.

Intensive courses (Includes One Practical Test fee)

20 hour  £862

30 hour  £1262

40 hour  £1662

An intensive course with a test at the end – you will have a two hour assessment for the cost of £80 and you and your instructor will then decide how many hours it will take you to complete the course. You must have passed your theory test and then Supreme will book the practical test for you.

The main advantage of using our intensive driving course is that you are condensing many weeks of conventional weekly driving lessons into a small period of time, usually within a matter of days. Because you are out on the road all day, you spend much less time ‘picking up from where you left off’, and more time concentrating on your driving.

Please read the additional Terms and Conditions which apply to this course.

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Pass Guarantee Scheme

Make a one off payment of £2209 and have as many lessons as it takes to pass the test at no extra cost**. We cover the cost of one theory test and up to three practical tests.
We recommend you take a two hour driving assessment at a charge of £80. During the assessment you and your instructor will decide if a Pass Guarantee Scheme is the right path for you. If you decide this is the best course of action the charge will be deducted from your fee.

On payment of the remaining £2129 fee we will arrange your lessons.

Ask your Instructor about Motorway and Refresher lessons.


Please read our Terms and Conditions which apply to each course.