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Nena Kamal

  • – Instructors Car: Automatic: Mercedes A200
  • – Areas Covered: Chelmsford
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm


Hi, thanks for checking out my profile
I’ll be really pleased to help you gain your driving licence. I only teach in an automatic which will help you gain your licence quickly.

I’m patient, calm and enthusiastic about teaching driving as a lifetime skill. I use the latest coaching techniques and adapt lessons to suit pupils’ needs so they learn at their own pace, making it fun and comfortable to learn. So please get in touch to start on your driving journey with me.

You will be learning a Mercedes A200 which is very easy to drive and super comfortable.

If you’re looking for calm, enjoyable driving lessons please give me a call.


My driving instructor was Nena and she was the bestt instructor. I passed first time with her and i honestly recommend this driving school. If it wasnt for her i wouldnt have learnt to be a proper driver! Thank you very much supreme.

Matilda Sanani

Literally THE BEST driving school in Essex if not the whole country! Nena my instructor, and Pete, you’re my heroes. You fought really hard for me * Nena pulled out all the stops to ensure my success. Always dedicated, firm yet caring, understanding, flexible with schedules, she targeted all the things I needed to brush up on and literally fought for me. Thank you Nena * I contacted Pete after I’d been through countless schools & instructors, spent insane amounts of money and they had not been strategic in how they taught me. The minute I spoke with Pete, a literal angel I knew I was in safe hands. He heard me, understood me, and strategically tailored a plan for me. * Pete assigned me to Nena who was immediately onboard, Pete even managed to book me a short notice test and together they successfully executed my driving plan. The level of personalised care at Supreme, their dedication and how they understand you as an individual, not just a number is impeccable. Thank you so much! I Passed with 2 minors.


Had Nena as my instructor very lovely woman and helped me pass first time with 0 faults.

Ethan Griffith

I had Nena as my driving instructor, She is amazing and I really want to thank her for teaching me, she has given me a lot of confidence especially before my test as I was feeling very nervous, she has also been really friendly which made me feel comfortable learning with her. I wouldn’t be able to pass my driving test without her.

Cheyenne Chu

Nenah is my super hero,she taught me a better way to past my test,she encouraged me and made lessons fun with her practice skills. Don’t know how to thank her enough,am grateful for your help Nenah.I passed my driving test with my first attempt.

Emmanuel Oghenetega

I’m happy to share my experience with Nena and to also state that I passed my practical driving test on the 20/11/2023 on my first attempt with 2 minors. Prior to discovering Nena, I had searched for instructors both individuals and companies for over 3 months and I was never really lucky mostly due to the fact that I wanted automatic lessons because I wanted to get my license as quickly as possible. I saw her profile and the success stories and decided to get in touch. She responded in less than an hour (not an automated response like some) and said she’s busy till late that day but wouldn’t mind a call the following day to catch up. I told myself, I’ve gotten my instructor. After the first lesson she asked for my theory test and I informed her I hadn’t done it, she said no more lessons for you till you get your theory done? because your driving is fair. We had engaging conversations that centered on weaknesses and mine was the roundabouts which she tackled. Every lesson was a progress and I do appreciate her mock tests. She gives constructive criticisms and tells you never to take it to heart because it’s just for your own good and safety. I would definitely recommend Nena to any prospective learner, she’s GOOD!!!

Raphael Odah

Had Nena, great instructor and got me my test very quick with a first pass!


Nenah was my driving instructor and she helped me pass my driving test!  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had such a knowledgeable and supportive instructor. I suffered with nerves and lack of confidence in my driving and Nenah supported me on my journey to becoming a good driver and helped me overcome this until I passed my test. She’s very kind but gives honest and constructive feedback to help refine your driving. She’s always accommodating and went above and beyond to help get me my tests and fit in lessons so I could practice and feel ready. Do yourself a favour and hire her as your instructor! She’s amazing and she will be in your corner and help you become a safe and confident driver!

Mónica Pérez Pellicer

10/10 experience with Neneh, she’s a wonderful instructor and was so helpful throughout the entire process and very prompt with responses to messages and questions. A saint for putting up with my constant questions :’) Could not recommend her enough ??Passed my test today all thanks to her ᵕ̈


Nena is an amazing instructor. Very personable, calm and was very competent not only in how she explained everything but in the way she eased my anxiety. I passed 1st time and I am so grateful for the way she guided me and helped me throughout the whole experience. I would 100% recommend Nena as an instructor. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service.

Helen Ramjane

I had an excellent experience with Nena and am delighted to say I passed my UK driving test on the first attempt! Although I was not a first-time driver, Nena skillfully identified areas where I needed improvement and tailored the lessons accordingly.

Expertise and Patience

Nena’s approach is calm yet thorough. She has a knack for breaking down complex driving maneuvers into manageable steps, making even tricky skills like parallel parking feel simple.


Nena accommodated my busy schedule effortlessly, always arriving on time for our sessions and maximizing the utility of each lesson.

Effective Communication

Nena is an outstanding communicator. She made sure I understood not only how to pass the test but also how to be a better, safer driver in general.

In short, I can’t recommend Nena enough. She’s not just about helping you pass the test; she’s about making you a competent driver for life. Thank you, Nena, for your invaluable guidance!

Oluwatobi Olufuwa

I am pleased to say that I passed my driving test first time thanks to Nena from Innov8 Driving School! I was lucky enough to have her as my driving instructor; she was extremely compassionate, understanding and supportive of me.

Her methods of teaching me how to drive were both brilliant and effective. Any mistake I made she’d let me know and ensure I’d work even harder towards passing my test. She taught me great techniques and instilled in me the ability to plan ahead and be constantly aware of the road around me. Every lesson I had with her enabled me to progress even further and further until my driving was at test standard level.

I would highly recommend Nena as an instructor as she helped me so much; I’m incredibly overjoyed that I passed my test and thanks to her I have gained even more confidence and now a full driver’s license!

Parisa Ahmed

Nena, was extremely patient with me and took the time to explain everything in a clear and concise way. She tailored the lessons to my learning style and gave constructive feedback after every session. I appreciate how she prioritized safety and made sure I fully understood all road rules and regulations.

Overall, I highly recommend Nena to anyone looking for a skilled and patient driving instructor. She went above and beyond to ensure I had a positive learning experience and I will always be grateful for her help. Thank you, Nena for assisting me, the process, patient and feedbacks it all helped in passing my driving test.

Nkoyo Cakes

Nena is just awesome!!!…she is a wonderful instructor,very friendly, very positive, highly competent and most important very clam. She explains everything very clearly. I enjoyed every lesson!!…I would definitely recommend to anyone who is nervous about driving. Thanks a lot Nena. You are the best?


Highly recommend Nena! Thanks to her excellent instruction, I passed my driving test on the first attempt. Her patience, expertise, and encouragement made the learning process enjoyable and boosted my confidence behind the wheel. Thank you for preparing me for a lifetime of safe driving! Top-notch instructor!”

Joanne Lau

My journey started with very welcoming and great experience, Nena helped my confidence to grow,she is perfect at hers job, every lesson I learned something new and was more confident I can do it! I was bit scared from driving but she helped me to get over it! Every lesson was easy to understand and follow every step! I’m very pleased I had her as my instructor she teach for me everything for safe driving! Definitely can say best experience in my life! She supports you in every step! Can’t Thank her enough for all help and support! I’m confident to be on road. I think it’s very important what kind of person sit next to you when you learning and if I need to suggest for instructor I confidently mention her, because she 100% know how to teach you even if you are worried in your first steps!

Daila Masinska

Words are not enough to say how fantastic, friendly and skill full Nena is, Nena I can’t thank you enough for your dedication , teaching, commitment and support throughout our short journey together. You are wonderful l, talented and knowledgable. You taught me well, you were honest and displayed such a passion towards my driving development. I walk away today with a PASS and that’s all thanks to you ! Big thank you to Nena , highly recommend !!!!! ( ps it’s Hannah by the way my sons account is on my phone ignore the name aha) but once again a massive thank you , all the best Hannah x.


Nena is a Star. Took lessons with her for a few times and got me ready for my test. I passed on first attempt by simply following all her instructions. She is friendly and ready to support you till the end. I recommend her for anyone who wishes to learn how to drive professionally aside from just passing the test.

Patrick Onotu

Nenah is an excellent driving instructor who helped me pass first time. Had a great time learning and Very happy with her teaching style. She is friendly and approachable, took extra care . I would highlyrecommend her.

Vasavi Latha

After taking a 4 year break from driving lessons and deciding to finally get my license, I started learning with Nena for 6 months and ended up passing first time with 2 minors. She was very helpful with building my confidence and her way of helping fix mistakes is very effective. She asks what you’d like to cover most lessons and gives super helpful methods for general driving and manoeuvres. She never lost her patience and she’s very easy-going so lessons were always relaxed. I will always recommend her and would like to thank her for everything ?

Teni Akinlotan

Nena is such an amazing instructor to have, especially if you are a new driver. She boosted my confidence in just a few lessons. Her positivity, confidence, guidance and patience towards me has really helped me with my driving.

Thank you so much Nena 🙂

Nena Kumari

Nena is an excellent instructor who helped me to pass quickly first time! She is very patient and clearly explains steps of driving.

I would highly recommend.

Thank you so much for everything ?

Charith Makewita

Nena is a wonderful instructor. There were quite a few problems in my driving before I started with her and she was able to help me iron those out. She listens to the areas that you would like to work on the most and helps you to find simple ways to fix mistakes. She is also very easy to get along with and the experience of learning with Nena has been enjoyable. My confidence with driving increased a lot with her encouragement. I was able to pass my first test with her and cannot thank her enough. I would recommend her to any learner.

Tasnia Rahman

Nena was nothing short of brilliant. She taught me so in depth and I honestly don’t think I could have done it with anyone else. She made the whole experience a comfortable and enjoyable one. She’s friendly and personable and I will rate her to anyone needing to learn. 5 stars from me.

Kendall Rae-Hunte

First time pass! Nena was an absolute angel with me. She is very knowledgeable and highly competent but also really caring and supportive. Would definitely recommend to anyone but in particular those who are anxious or nervous behind the wheel as she’s super calming.

Deborah Lunachic

Nena is amazing! She is so calm while helping to explain what to do in any situation, thanks to her I was able to get rid of my bad driving habits and pass my test first time. She knows the roads like the back of her hand and goes over everything you need to pass the test until you’ve mastered it. She was very accommodating when I needed to move some lessons around and was always fun to be around. I strongly recommend her for anyone wanting to ace their test!

Damian Bell

Nena is an excellent instructor who helped me to pass quickly first time! She is very patient and thorough in her teaching which made me feel confident when doing my test. Would definitely recommend her!

Rosie Pitcher

My daughter passed her driving test today.

Thanks Nena for your time and effort.


After having failed a test earlier with another instructor I contacted Nena and signed up for a few lesson before my test . She helped alot to correct my faults and get me test ready and I passed with flying colors . Highly recommend her , she helps simplfy things and with every lesson you can see improvement

Ali Mustafa

Nena is a brilliant driving instructor. Makes everything feel so simple. The best and friendliest driving instructor around. I enjoyed every lesson and Nena was very thorough and always on time.  Passed my test first time with less than 10 lessons with her

Thenujah Mahendran

Cannot thank Nena enough for helping me pass today. She’s incredibly down to earth and I honestly couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you for helping me do what I thought were impossible- you’ve taught me confidence, not just with driving, but with life in general.

Daisy Desmond

Nena took me on as someone who had lessons in the past and hated everything about it, therefore I put it off for years. I felt so relaxed with her as my instructor, I always knew she was completely approachable and exactly the type of person I needed to give me the motivation to get on the road and stick with it. We always started our lessons with a chat about what I wanted to do and if there was anything I wanted to practice or work on. Nena would give me very constructive feedback which I used to build my confidence and it made me look forward to driving. As time went on I felt more and more confident that I could pass my test. She gave me the self belief I was always lacking. I recommend her to anyone who wishes to take up lessons or has taken a break and wants to get back into it. It’s been two weeks since I past my test and I love driving, something I thought I would ever say. It’s all thanks to Nena.

Kirsty Blake

Nena is an amazing instructor, really encouraging. She helped me to boost the confidence with very few lessons. I’m thankful that I could pass the test with her great support

Subin Thomas

Nena is an amazing driving instructor. She helps you build and feel more confident on the roads, she  explains things in  such a easy way. I really look forward to my lessons. she is so friendly and super encouraging. She has your best interest at heart, would highly recommend


Amazing instructor couldn’t be happier so glad I passed with Nena great nice friendly person really do recommend her

James Turner

My Driving Instractor  Nena is very nice person,who makes me feel confident as I’m a nervous person behind the wheel. She has a very lovely way of teaching and I find I’m able to respond well to her instructions.I always look forward to my next lesson.I would highly recommend Nena as a Driving Instructor

Tetiana McSweeney

Very happy with my driving lessons with Nena. She is friendly and approachable and has a soft teaching style but also gives good constructive criticism when needed, Perfect for learning environment!

Alisha h Mangera

Very well organised and always checked up on my progress even when I had to take a week off. Thank you so much for everything!!

Jack Fox

Thank you so much for your pateince and all your help, passed first time and well before my deadline!! Thank you so much!!! :))

St Ap

Nena is a great instructor, she got my driving confidence up and I would highly recommend her ☺️

Tino Nyatsuro

Great driving instructor, allowing for fast progress.

William Smith

An excellent teacher, very patient and encouraging

Dominic Snow

By far the most supportive driving instructor I’ve had, I felt instantly at ease learning with this lovely lady, very kind and encouragjng.

Chloe Hills

Really helpful. great teacher, explains steps very well, really patient helping me overcome my nerves. would definitely recommend ?

Alina Siddiq

  • - Instructors Car: Mercedes A200
  • - Areas Covered: Chelmsford

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